about bhawani group

Guided by the leadership of Mr. Sushil Kumar Jhunjhunwala and enriched with a decade- long experience in delivering an affordable, eco-friendly urban living solution, Bhawani Group has been successfully active in designing and curating numerous housing projects, urban infrastructures and commercial complexes in and around Kolkata.

With over 30+ projects, Bhawani Group has served the happy smiles of 3500+ families through their extensive lifestyle projects. Bhawani Group emphasises highly on customer relationships and defines their success based on the satisfaction of the ones they serve.

This allows them the motivation to seize the right opportunities and provide a value-for-money proposition for the customers’ dream homes.

dform logo

The Dform team is a mix of very able and professional individuals coming from various backgrounds and working together to provide their best in each of their individual fields of expertise. Is a multidisciplinary consultancy organization providing quality multidisciplinary services in architecture, infrastructure and other development sectors.

layers design studio logo

LAYERS Design Studio is a boutique firm specializing in Landscape Architecture and
Environmental Planning. They believe in a multidisciplinary approach that integrates local context and culture into their sustainable projects. The energetic team operates nationally from Kolkata, focusing on a range of projects including institutional campuses. residential complexes, boutique villas, and urban spaces.

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Bibhor Singhania & Banibrata Goswami have been working with the real estate pioneers across the nation, and serving more than 100 clients and 250 real estate projects across West Bengal, Maharashtra. Chattisgarh, Assam.
Bihar, Orissa & many more states.

Be the Bee is one of India’s most promising advertising agencies, with a team of innovative ideators and strategic thinkers. We aim to serve the most creative as well as effective branding approaches. that touch all the verticals of marketing and create a distinguished position with the help of outstanding aesthetic skills for each real estate project.